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Canada Super Visa

Considering a longer stay in Canada? Super Visa

Canada Immigration – Super Visa

Canada Super Visa – With the Super Visa, you can visit your youngster or grandchild/children in Canada for up to two constant years without the need to leave and reemerge Canada like clockwork.

For most Canadian guests, they are permitted to remain for a limit of a half year after their first passage into Canada.

This brief article will fill you in as to whether you are qualified for the Super Visa and how best to apply for it.

Qualification Requirements

Canada Super Visa

To be qualified for the Super Visa, below are some fundamental necessities:

  • Must be the parent or grandparent of a lasting inhabitant or a Canadian resident,
  • Subscribe to at least one-year restorative protection from a Canadian-based insurance agency, as well as experience a restorative test for migration
  • Provide confirmation of least salary necessities (LICO, see underneath) of your kid or grandkid in Canada,
  • Prove that you are a genuine guest and are anticipating leaving Canada toward the finish of your visit,
  • Receive a composed explanation your kid or grandkid bolster you monetarily,

The most effective method to Apply for the Super Visa

The application procedure is synonymous to that of a Temporary Resident Visa for guests. You can check the procedure here.

Be that as it may, you should give extra archives:

  • An invitation letter from your kid or grandkid, that is a Canadian resident or Permanent resident. More explanation about how best to craft this letter can be sighted here.
  • You will need evidence from your kid or grandkid that the person in question meets the low pay cut-off
  • Notice of Assessment
  • Benefit articulation
  • Evidence of employment (Letter of appointment)
  • Paystubs or employment insurance paystubs
  • You will require a report affirming your therapeutic test.
  • A piece of evidence that you bought into a base one-year restorative protection inclusion by a Canadian insurance agency that matches the standard expectation of IRCC.

Grandchild’s low-income cut – off for 2019

When computing the number of ward relatives for LICO, the kid or grandkid in Canada needs to incorporate you and your accomplice.

Therapeutic Exam Requirements

You should breeze through a Medical Exam with an IRCC endorsed specialist. Discover more in our therapeutic test article.

Application Fees

The charges are equivalent to a guest temporary resident visa (TRV), which is $100.

Processing Times

Preparing times for a Super Visa rely upon the nation from where you are applying.

You can discover your nation’s handling times. You have to choose “Visiting, examining, working briefly”, at that point “Super Visa”, at that point pick the nation you are applying from.

Contingent upon your nationality, you may need to give your biometrics:

Beginning December 31, 2018 – candidates from Asia, Asia Pacific and the Americas.

Beginning July 31, 2018 – candidates from Europe, Middle East and Africa.

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