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Canadian Student Visa

Reasons Your Canadian Student Visa Application May Be Rejected in 2020

Canada Immigration:

Students globally who wish to undergo studying in Canada are required to have a Canadian student visa as well as a study permit. The way toward applying for and acquiring a study permit and student visa follows post affirmation in Designated Learning Institute (DLI).

With an expansion in the number of applications gotten by CIC in 2019 reports for the issuance of a study permit, an unexpected ascent in the dismissal of the Canadian student visa has additionally been sighted. As indicated by data from IRCC, it is accounted for that around 30% of absolute study permit applications are dismissed on a normal premise in a year.

  • An increment in fraudulent cases has brought about stricter laws of endorsement of Canadian student visas.
  • Around 11% of questionable cases are enrolled between Feb 2019 to November 2019.
  • An increment in the pace of dismissal is seen from 2012 to 2019.

For the underlying five months of 2019, a lofty ascent in the Canadian understudy visa dismissal rate has been experienced. Of each 10 students, 4 study grant applications have been dismissed (2019) representing around 39% of the all-out applications.

This article incorporates the explanations behind the dismissal of a Canadian study visa, how to address the purposes behind which the application is dismissed, and claim against refusal.

Most Common Reasons for Student Visa Rejection

Global students looking for a Canadian study visa satisfying all the base criteria for affirmations are generally idealistic towards the choice. It is, in any case, observed that a study permit might be denied in any event, when the candidate satisfies scholastic and admissions prerequisites for a Canadian institution.

A portion of the well known purposes behind dismissal of study visa by IRCC are recorded underneath:

Budgetary Insufficiency

Confirmation of sufficient assets for the principal year of the course/program is the base prerequisite for studying in Canada. Notwithstanding, a study visa application might be dismissed if the migration official presumes budgetary inadequacy.

Candidates can address this issue by guaranteeing that they don’t simply concentrate on the base reserve required. Verification of sufficient accounts for over one year, alongside the extra documents supporting the funds, can be incorporated alongside the application.

Decision of Program

In the event that the visa official questions the choice of a program picked by the candidates, the visa might be dismissed. In situations where the choice of the program doesn’t line up with the candidate’s work foundation or past academic studies, the odds of visa dismissal are expanded.

Candidates can address this issue by including a nitty-gritty individual explanation for the decision of program, on the off chance that it doesn’t line up with past education or work experience. For candidates whose decision lines up with the past foundation, a definite education history or work history can be appended alongside the applications.

Letter of Acceptance

A letter of acknowledgment also known as a letter of acceptance (LOA) from a Canadian DLI is required for applying for the study permit. On the off chance that the candidate’s acknowledgment letter is missing or questionable, the permit might be dismissed. Alongside the letter of acknowledgment, the candidates are required to meet the base section necessities for the particular institution.

In the event that the visa official questions whether the base prerequisites are met by the candidate, the Canadian student visa might be dismissed as well.

Candidates can address this issue by guaranteeing that the institution they get an acknowledgment letter from is enrolled. Candidates should likewise guarantee that the documents attached as verification of least prerequisites are adequate. Extra supporting documents can likewise be submitted.

English Language Proficiency

Non-local English speaking students globally are required to submit evidence of language capability. Candidates are required to meet the base institutionalized English language test scores (TOEFL/IELTS) while applying through SDS or Student Partnership Program program.

Regardless of whether the candidate has the base score meeting the DLI ELP necessities, neglecting to meet the program prerequisites may bring about the dismissal of a student visa for Canada.

Candidates must guarantee that the base score necessities for the particular program are met to guarantee that the study permit isn’t denied. It is important for applicants to know more in regards to the institutionalized language test scores and prerequisites for studying in Canada.

Deficient Travel or Identity Documents

In situations where there are excesses of clear spaces in the travel history with an absence of verification of supporting proof to cover those periods, the study permit might be dismissed. In the event that the character or identity documents are inadequate or are difficult to peruse, the odds of Canadian student visa dismissal are also quickened.

Candidates must guarantee that the travel history if any is advocated with adequate proof. The character archives gave must be clear and effectively lucid for guaranteeing that the visa isn’t dismissed as a result of the previously mentioned reason.

The plan of Return to Home Country

As the permit is an impermanent visa, it has a legitimacy period. The candidates are required to submit enough verification of purpose to come back to the nation of origin.

This doesn’t propose that the candidate can’t expand their study visa or acquire a Permanent Resident. It is required to give documents proposing the plan to come back home to guarantee that the candidate won’t remain in Canada after the termination of the study permit.

Candidates can address this worry with an itemized individual articulation. Candidates should likewise comprehend the double aim idea while tending to the worry in their personal statement. Double aim represents the candidates who at first need to incidentally visit Canada on a work visa or study and plan to become permanent residents of the nation.

Absence of Job Prospects in Home Country

The absence of occupation prospects in the nation of origin means that the goal to come back to the nation of origin. Candidates who don’t have an employment bid in the nation of origin or need work possibilities may conclude the candidates’ plan to settle in Canada. This may bring about the dismissal of the Canadian study visa.

Candidates can give reports and articulations recommending that there are adequate business viewpoints in their nation of origin after consummation of the studies in Canada.

Important Tips to Decrease the Chances of Canadian Student Visa Rejection

Having discussed a portion of the basic purposes behind visa refusal, here are a couple of significant hints to maintain a strategic distance from the refusal of study visa in any case.

  • Be armed with a checklist of compulsory documents required to submit so as to acquire a student visa. A checklist is given on the official site of the Government of Canada.
  • Carefully and totally fill the visa form. Ensure that no section clear is left blank for any reason.
  • Students additionally need to transfer a duplicate of the offer letter that they have gotten from a recognized school or college in Canada.
  • If applying under SPP, the candidate must have the option to show evidence of funds, it is encouraged to get a Guaranteed Investment Certificate by moving CAD $10, 200 to Scotia Bank.
  • If the candidate has work involvement, payslips or bank statements are to be submitted as confirmation of the equivalent.
  • Mention all travel chronicles and visa dismissals if any in the visa record.
  • Answer all the inquiries posed on the CIC site while applying on the web.
  • The proclamation of expectation is the most significant review which will acquaint the candidate with the visa official. Note the scholarly accomplishments and the purpose of study in Canada. This announcement of the plan can break or make the record.

Action to take if Student Visa is Rejected?

Candidates whose study permit application for Canada is dismissed can bid against the refusal.

There are three different ways of continuing with engaging against the visa refusal. These are:

  • Reconsideration,
  • Engaging against the choice in government court, and
  • Submission of a fresh application.

In the event that the candidate is applying for a Canadian study visa just because, it is advised to seek direction from very much experienced channels.

Universal candidates who apply for the study permit must guarantee that their archives, IELTS/TOEFL scores, and different necessities are met.

If there should arise an occurrence of dismissal of Canadian Student Visa, however recording a legal intrigue is a fair appraisal yet it is a bulky procedure. Students from our personal experience favour documenting another application.

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