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Canada Federal Skilled Trades

Federal Skilled Trades draw invites applicants with CRS of 357

Canada Immigration:

Federal Skilled Trades – The Federal Skilled Trades Class is one of the varieties of Federal High Skilled immigration programs. This trades class is managed by the express entry package of Canada.

Applicants within the federal skill trade category were the principal highlight of this specific draw. And October 2016 draw was the second of its sort in this year.

The Government of Canada welcomed 500 Federal Skilled Trades Class applicants with CRS as insignificant as 357 to present an application for Canadian permanent resident in the most recent Express Entry draw held October 16.

The cut-off rank for this latest draw was 357 was 81 points. This has been observed to be lower than the lowest cut-off score this year in an all-program Express Entry draw, which was 438. In addition, it serves as an indication of the variety of ways Express Entry applicants with lower CRS scores could receive an ITA.


Two categories of applicants obtained an invitation to apply (ITA) for permanent residency as a result of this Canada Federal Skilled Trades draw.

Individuals with scores of 357 registered their profile in the Express Entry pool prior to March 4, 2019. Also, all Federal Skilled Trades Class candidates with a rank above 357.

The express entry system takes into cognizance several factors such as skilled work experience, education, age, and competence in Languages. Scores are allocated to suitable applicants structured on their performance in line with each of the elements.

Several Express Entry-aimed provincial nomination avenues also have reduced CRS requirements as opposed to all-program federal draws.

Other Express Entry-aligned provincial nomination avenues do not consider a candidate’s CRS rank. They rather employ their very own exclusive points system instead. Manitoba is an example of such a draw that took place last week choosing about 493 candidates.

An extra 600 points is a guarantee to express candidates with a provincial nomination and already in the express entry pool.

To be suitable for a nomination through most Express Entry-aligned provincial streams, the primary step is to put in an Express Entry profile.

Considering Canada’s immigrants’ protrusion objective for 2019 and 2020. It is imperative more draws are expected to be in the pipeline through the completing quarter of 2019.

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