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Federal Skilled Worker Program simplified

Express Entry: Federal Skilled Worker Program at a glance!

Pre and Post Application Phases –

I needed to compose this post for individuals who are intending to apply for permanent residence in Canada through the express entry framework. This post would fill in as a guide and clarify what the procedure resembles, what’s in store and what not to do when you apply. A whole break down of the Federal Skilled Worker Program.

I will refresh this post every once in a while to stay aware of the updates that Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada would toss at us! I will put forth a valiant effort to stay up with the latest and to keep all the data in this post legitimate and right. This post is expected for any individual who needs to get a look at how the procedure functions.

This is essentially a 2 stage process. You initially present an online express entry profile and you get an invitation to apply and after that, you apply for permanent residency.

In this way, how about we begin. I will clarify the procedure in 3 sections: Before Application Express Entry, Before the Invitation to Apply and After the Invitation to Apply.

Before the application phase​

You will experience the accompanying in the pre-application stage:

Choosing to come to Canada

Attempt to look into how you would bolster yourself and the activity prospects in Canada. Kindly don’t paint a ruddy picture, don’t figure Canada will be a place where there is drain and nectar directly after you land here. You need to fabricate a life for yourself so do not plan to unwind when you arrive.

In the event that you are resolved to work keen and put in genuine endeavours once you arrive, you will be an effective settler in your new home.

Checking on the off chance that you are qualified

To apply to express entry, you should fulfill certain criteria. We will examine this beneath.

You should be qualified under one of the economic immigration programs federal skilled worker program, federal skilled trades or Canadian experience class.

Emphasis subsequently will be laid on the federal skilled worker program because a large percentage of applicants use this option.

For the Federal Skilled Worker Program, you have to score at any rate 67 out of 100 to be qualified. You can physically ascertain your focuses dependent on the criteria laid out in the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada site page.

All in all, would you say you are qualified? Do you score at any rate 67/100? Assuming no, I’m heartbroken, you are not qualified to apply under the Federal Skilled Worker Program. On the off chance that indeed, keep your fingers crossed, you have another arrangement of criteria to fulfill to be qualified for express entry.

You should utilize the come to Canada apparatus to check in the event that you are qualified under express entry.

Give answers to the inquiries and the apparatus will let you know whether you are qualified or not.

The fundamental qualification criteria are as per the following :
  • English or French language competency.
  • Full-time employment of at least 30 hours weekly/1560 hours annually with an occupation that is classified under NOC 0, an or B in the previous 10 years.

Anyway, what does the device state? Is it true that you are qualified? No? I’m grieved, you can check on the off chance that you are qualified under some other movement program. On the off chance that truly, congrats, you have cleared one obstacle on your way to achieving your permanent residence. You will get a code that is known as the “individual reference code”. You need this to make your online express entry profile.

Registering an express entry profile

To continue you will require these items:
  • A personal reference code.
  • Create a MyCIC account incase you don’t have one.
  • Your language test report number (TRF)
  • Educational Credential Assessment report number (ECA)

Kindly note that you need a login qualification to make a mycic account; you can log in through a sign-in accomplice or by making a GCkey. Check here for a detailed express entry process guide.

You will have made your profile at this point. Presently you need to plunk down quietly and hang tight for your ITA. The chances of getting this are legitimately relative to your CRS. The higher your points, the better your odds of getting welcomed.

It would be ideal if you discover the bit by bit subtleties here

Pre-Invitation to Apply (ITA) Phase

As referenced previously, this stage expects you to pause and have tolerance. Generally, IRCC conducts draws two times every month. The minister of citizenship and immigration choose the cut-off score for the specific draw. History: rounds of invitations. In the event that your score is more noteworthy than or equivalent to the cut-off score chose by IRCC, you will get an ITA .

One thing that you’ll need to do here is to watch out for the draws. I should concede that IRCC is very eccentric in such manner; the draws are irregular and the CRS can’t be anticipated ahead of time, as it were. Along these lines, contingent upon your CRS, you should consider applying for a provincial nomination to boost your CRS with an additional 600.

In the pre-ita stage, you can begin gathering the records that you are relied upon to submit once you get an ita. A portion of the reports that you can organize on getting are police clearance certificates and your employer reference letters. I will talk about this in detail underneath.

  • police clearance certificates (PCC) are required for the principal applicant and all accomplices that are 18 and above. This is required from their nation of home and every single other nation where they have been for a consistent time of a half year or more. Getting an outside PCC can be a dull and carefully long procedure so it is basic to be proactive to keep away from delays and complete things on schedule. Pcc gave by an outside region is substantial inconclusively in the event that it was given during or after your last visit to that nation. It would be ideal if you note that nearby pccs can be gotten after you get the ita on the grounds that it, for the most part, takes less time.
  • Employer reference letters are required for the pa. The reference letter must be as determined by IRCC.

Contingent upon where the candidate works, the time taken for bosses to give these reference letters fluctuate. Along these lines, it is imperative to be arranged and apply for the reference letter at the soonest. It would be ideal if you note that reference letters gave by bosses while you quit the place of employment are substantial inconclusively while the reference letter given by your present business is commonly legitimate for one year.

  • Proof of assets is a significant piece of your documentation. While you are anticipating your ita, you can plan to show your assets. You do not have to get any bank letter/archive at this stage yet on the off chance that you have to mastermind reserves. You need to begin anticipating how you are going to show your assets. IRCC necessitates that the assets be unhampered by any obligation or commitment to re-pay.
  • Provincial nominee program can be put to utilize on the off chance that you think your CRS isn’t sufficient. PNP is the migration plan of the provincial governments by which they pick candidates who they believe are appropriate to satisfy the interest in their region. A few territories require an all-day employment bid from a Canadian employer and some don’t. A few territories process the applications electronically and a few regions still utilize the old-school snail mail strategy. A few regions favour candidates whose activity falls under a specific NOC. There is an assortment. You can check the site of the area that you are keen on to find out additional.

The following stage is to acknowledge the ITA and document your PR application electronically (e-APR).

It would be ideal if you note that in the event that you won’t have the option to present any of the fundamental documents, you should consider declining the ITA and return to the pool to get another ITA.

We have now arrived at the finish of the pre-ita segment.

Express Entry Checklist.

Post-Invitation to Apply Phase​

This is a significant stage and this is the place your application will either be acknowledged or dismissed. When you get ITA, you have 60 days to document a total application – e-apr (electronic – application for permanent residence). You have to accumulate all the necessary records. You have to experience a restorative test. When you present a total application, IRCC will decide whether you will get a visa or not within half a year or less.

  • A medical assessment is, by a wide margin, one of the most significant post-ita forms. The restorative test is to guarantee that you or your wards don’t have any genuine/infectious sicknesses and you won’t be a weight to the Canadian medicinal services framework at first. You and every one of your wards (in the case of going with or not) must experience a therapeutic test. If it’s not too much trouble note that this medicinal test must be performed by a specialist who is an IRCC assigned board doctor. Pregnant candidates or candidates can decide to finish their therapeutic test after the child is conceived (since chest x-beam is a part of the tests) or can decide to proceed with the tests by wearing a lead cover. After the tests are done, you will get a forthright therapeutic structure. You will transfer this structure alongside different records on the agenda.
  • Passports/travel documents must be submitted for the principal applicant and all accomplices.

These two, alongside different records referenced above (and in the agenda) must be submitted as a piece of your post-ita documentation.

Now you have every one of the records accessible on the agenda. You are presently all set to present your application. It would be ideal if you adhere to the guidelines given by IRCC cautiously and fill the online application. Transfer all the necessary archives. At the point when you want to disclose something to IRCC. Please present a letter of explanation alongside the reports with the goal that the official who is surveying your case comprehends why you have not presented the archive in the recommended configuration/why you are presenting a substitute record. Keep in mind, you just have 60 days to present your application. On the off chance that you don’t present a total application inside this period, the legitimacy of your ita will slip by. You would then need to reappear the pool and sit tight for a fresh out of the box new ita and need to begin your e-apr without any preparation.

Any progressions to your own situation like Pregnancy, Separation or additional family member must be accounted for to the vo at the soonest. In the event that you do not report these changes, it adds up to deception and your application will be dismissed and you will be banished from re-applying again for a long time.

After you present your application, your therapeutic records are checked. In the case of all is well, your application goes into handling. At this stage, the historical verifications are performed. IRCC may once in a while decide to call your boss to confirm your business history in the event that they believe they have to check. In the event that the visa officer sees needs more data, at that point, you will be approached to transfer further archives. You *might* be approached to go to a meeting if the need be. In the case of everything goes fine, you will get a passport request and a decision made within half-year of accommodation of complete application.

You can present your visa at the closest vfs global. They will send your identification to the international safe haven and convey your visa back to you after the stepping is finished. You will get a confirmation of permanent residence letter alongside your identification that is stamped with the visa.

It would be ideal if you guarantee that you check every one of the subtleties on your visa and confirmation of Permanent Residency. On the off chance that there are any errors, report it to your visa office on the double.

It would be ideal if you note that you and your wards must land in Canada before the expiration of your medical test or before your present identification lapses, whichever comes first. Likewise, if it’s not too much trouble note that the wards can either arrive along with the principal applicant or sometime in the future after the latter has landed but under no circumstance can the dependents land before the principal applicant.

Federal Skilled Worker Program will get updated continuously.

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