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How to get admission into usa/canada universities in easy steps?

How to get admission to USA/Canada universities in easy steps?

How to get admission to USA/Canada universities in easy steps – I happy to announce that EduSchoolConsult has joined the agent network of Study Group – an educational company that partners with universities across the globe to prepare international students for degree-level study. This is a great achievement because it gives EduSchoolConsult, and its prospective students looking to apply for study abroad programs access to over 50 universities in various countries around the world – UK /Europe; USA/Canada; and Australia/New Zealand.

Study Group and EduSchoolConsult Partnership:

The UK or Europe                               USA or Canada                 Australia or New Zealand
Bellerbys College                                   Baylor University                Australian National University
University of Aberdeen                       Center for Arts and Tech   Flinders University        
Cardiff University                                 DePaul University                   University of Auckland
Coventry University London              University of Hartford           The University of Sydney
Durham University                               James Madison University    University of Western Australia
University of Huddersfield                  Lipscomb University             The University of Waikato          
University of Huddersfield London   Long Island University
Keele University                            Long Island University
Kingston University, London               Lynn University
Lancaster University                             Royal Roads University
University of Leeds                                Stenberg College
Leeds Beckett University                      Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi
University of Lincoln                             Western Washington University
Liverpool John Moores University
Royal Holloway, University of London
The University of Sheffield
University of Strathclyde
University of Surrey
University of Sussex
University College Dublin

Why this partnership is significant?

This partnership with Study Group is significant because it offers EduSchoolConsult prospective students to easily access educational opportunities at these universities. They will be getting quality information from recruiters – scholarships, and many more.

Who is EduSchoolConsult?

EduSchool Consult is a premier education consulting company representing the interests of young Africans who are looking to fulfill their long-life dreams of schooling abroad. We have partnered and continue to partner with many schools across the continent to make it easy for their graduating students to obtain quality education in North America. Having schooled in North America ourselves We believe this will be a valuable opportunity for them to reach their full potential and contribute to the larger society.

With your help our goal is to have them become global citizens with the necessary skills to challenge the status quo and contribute to the African continent.

Apart from the institutions that we now have access to through the Study Group network, we have also partnered with high schools in North America for our clients that want to experience the North American education early – Rosthern Junior College, Queen Margaret’s School, The Sacred Heart of Montreal, Blyth Academy, and Bronte College.

Please do note that even though we have strong partnerships with these institutions we do provide admission service to other institutions in North America, and Europe- If you don’t see your choice school on this list do reach out to us as we are constantly expanding our reach. Also, while our service is majorly targeted to Africans, we are open to recruiting prospective students anywhere around the world.

Why Choose EduSchoolConsult?           

One thing that separates us from most education consulting companies out there is that our partners have gone through the North American educational system and can advise you on what to expect.

We are here to guide you right from the beginning- prospecting for Schools, campus tours, the application process, Visa application, transitioning from your home country to North America, Accommodation, tips on scholarship opportunities, internship, mentorship, and many more.

We also have a network of mentors who have graduated from top schools in North America and gone ahead to build successful careers that are readily available to guide you through your college life.

A North American education not only is of quality but also provides a valuable opportunity for you to become the best version of yourself.


We do charge for our services, and our fees are structured based on what type of service you are looking for. These service offerings are structured into Gold, Silver, and Bronze

Gold service covers the following: IETLS/SAT/GRE/GMAT fee payment, Visa application fee payment, Application fee paid for 5 universities of your choice, complete admission and visa service guidance, guide you through the transition process from your home country, mentorship, and an EduSchoolConsult travel trip where you get to experience the beauty of North America, and also meet with your peers.

The Silver Service is almost the same as the gold service – only difference is that application fees for 2 universities are paid for, and the mentorship side is reduced

With Bronze service   we cover the IELTS/SAT fee payment and guide you through the admission and visa process.

Do note that depending on which service you choose be rest assured that we won’t leave you hanging.

Offline to Online Education                            

With the coronavirus pandemic making in-class learning difficult, there continues to be a big push for online education. I must confess I have taken online classes in the past, and still continue to do as a life-long learner but there is something missing in online classes – the human interaction, and as a social animal we humans can’t do without seeing and interacting with one another physically for long.

For young students looking to study abroad I believe it is key for them to be in that physical environment to not only learn about their subject areas but to understand the beauty of North American culture, and that is why I believe in-class education is not going away anytime soon. Online education is here to stay because it can reach a larger audience, and that is why we at EduSchoolConsult have also affiliated ourselves with (an online learning platform with more than 1500 free courses from Harvard, MIT, Microsoft), and fiverr (online marketplace for freelance services).

Giving Back to the Community

EduSchoolConsult provides a paid educational consulting service but in the spirit of giving back to our community, we provide a full consultation service (admission and visa) every year to one brilliant student that cannot afford to pay. We don’t want money to be an issue in stopping you from achieving your dreams. All we ask is for you to pay it forward, and we can all make our community a better place.  You must show your secondary school results to qualify for this.

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