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Pastry SHop Saskatoon

Indulge Your Sweet Tooth: Discover Saskatoon’s Top 10 Pastry Shops


Canadas’ Prairie Province is home to many captivating cities, one of which is the charismatic town of Saskatoon – standing out as one of the country’s prime locations for all things related to pastries! With luscious cakes paired with flaky croissants readily available at every corner street. Saskatoon’s vibrant bakery industry caters to individual tastes. Indulging in top-notch pastries can be enjoyed by both visitors and locals alike. In this post. We’ve utilized a strict criterion to pick out Saskatoon’s’ ten leading pastry shops based on the quality of the products on offer.

A diverse range of standardized offerings is available -all backed up by their clientele’s high satisfaction rate. If your frequent “Pastry Shop Saskatoon” Google or Bing searches have left you feeling confused, fear not! We have got you covered! Dive in with us and satisfy those cravings!



If you’re in search of an exceptional piece of heaven wrapped up in deliciousness, look no further than Snack A-Lot Foods -one of our most beloved pastry stores on the list! This family-owned establishment has gained adoration for its irresistible goodies including tantalizing pies, delicate pastries & delectable cakes made to perfection from locally sourced ingredients bursting with flavour with each bite! With friendly service at this cozy spot on offer for all those who come through their doors – your visit here will be nothing short but heavenly!


The Sweet Spot

With its striking combination of innovation and flavour. The Sweet Spot stands out as a top pastry shop destination. This stylish bakery offers custom cakes and imaginative pastries that are sure to delight both your senses of taste and sight. From their elaborately crafted macarons to tempting layered cakes, their creations will leave you entirely satisfied.


Bliss Fine Foods

Bliss Fine Foods is a pastry shop that prides itself on its commitment to quality and craftsmanship. The attention they pay to details is evident in every creation, from delicate tarts to flaky croissants. With a focus on using local and organic sourced ingredients, Bliss Fine Foods offers pastries that are not only delectable but also ethically produced.


Little Bird Patisserie & Cafe

In Saskatoon. You can find Little Bird Patisserie & Cafe. A delightful gem for pastry enthusiasts. Experience a taste of France with its delicious offerings such as the rich buttery croissants and delicate éclairs that transport you to Paris. The warm and inviting ambience and welcoming staff make every visit memorable.


Earth Bound Bakery & Delicatessen

Earth Bound Bakery & Delicatessen is a true blessing for those who have special dietary needs. The pastry shop specializes in gluten-free and vegan options that are equally delicious as regular items. You can relish the fluffy cupcakes or artisanal bread without any worries as their creations cater to varied dietary preferences, all while maintaining an unmatched taste and texture.


Christie’s Mayfair Bakery 

Christies’ Mayfair Bakery, an establishment that has been a staple in Saskatoon since 1962 is renowned for its delectable pastries that have been satisfying peoples’ sweet cravings for generations. This family-owned bakery offers a diverse array of classic treats such as cream puffs, fruit-filled pies, and butter tarts, all crafted through time-tested recipes and traditions. Its rich history has made it a beloved destination for pastry aficionados.


Calories Bakery & Restaurant 

Calories Bakery & Restaurant provides patrons with a unique culinary experience by combining a cozy bakery with full service dining. They pride themselves on offering not only flaky pastries and decadent cakes but also savory dishes that pair perfectly with their sweet offerings. Its’ the ideal spot to spend a leisurely afternoon indulging in delightful pastries while enjoying brunch or afternoon tea. Nestled along the South Saskatchewan River is Riverside Bakeshop—a charming pastry shop that will captivate you with its artisanal pastries and breathtaking views.


Riverside Bakeshop 

This delightful bakery emphasizes quality and simplicity by using locally sourced ingredients to craft mouthwatering treats such as buttery scones and handcrafted pies.


The Night Oven Bakery 

The Night Oven Bakery sets itself apart from others by taking the art of baking to new heights through its use of traditional baking techniques paired with wood-fired ovens that produce unique and flavourful pastries. Their sourdough croissants and rustic fruit galettes have gained popularity due to their distinctive taste.


Earthly Delights

Earthly Delights rounds out our list of top pastry stores in Saskatoon by emphasizing the use of organic and sustainable ingredients in their sweet creations. If you’re looking for tasty treats made with an environmental consciousness. Earthly Delights is the perfect spot for you. Their unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability shines through in every bite of Earthly Delights’ delectable pastries.

Pamper your taste buds with their heavenly assortment of cakes and cookies without guilt because they offer vegan and gluten-free alternatives. Satisfy both your hunger and conscience by indulging in treats that nourish both body and soul.


Conclusively, Saskatoon boasts a treasure trove of delectable pastries served up by ten fantastic pastry stores. Whether you’re an avid dessert enthusiast or just fancy something sweet, these spots will surely hit the spot. Each shop has its own distinct appeal and specialization – Snack A Lot of Foods for its irresistible goodies and The Night Oven Bakery for its unique wood-fired creations among others. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enjoy a tasty treat that showcases Saskatoon’s’ vibrant pastry culture!

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