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reason people move to Canada

Reasons people move to Canada

I have often asked myself what are some of the reasons people move to Canada. I as of late moved from New York City to British Columbia, Canada, and it is effectively a standout amongst other decisions I’ve at any point made. Here are the things I adore about Canada up until now. Considering the fact that movement here is seamless


I know my kindred Canadians grumble about the hang tight time for things like medical procedure and ICBC(DMV) here. Be that as it may, I truly acknowledge how quick things are moving. A multi-week after I landed, I went to Service Canada and got my SIN on that day, no hold uptime. I went to ICBC to change my permit into the nearby one, it set aside me no effort to be assisted with incredible subtleties on the directions. Not any more bureaucratic stuff as NYC by any means!


They are decent, similar to will welcome more interesting sort of pleasant. As somebody that has lived in New York at some point, it is something totally new to me.


Indeed, even in New York, where a great many foreigners live, I was continually reminded by the legislature about how I don’t reserve the privilege to work yet the obligation to make good on and report government obligation. It sucks not having the option to carry on with an actual existence like a resident would do. It’s fine for me to not reserve the privilege to cast a ballot and have a social advantage, however, zero chance to fill in as an understudy? That is excessive. Yet, here in Canada, individuals comprehend that immigration is the thing that made Canada where it is. I am ready to function as anybody else(under certain conditions) and use social insurance like them. I feel invited by this nation and I would give all I need to make Canada a superior spot.

Medicinal services.

Like I said before, foreigners utilize a similar human services framework as the residents, paying all things considered $900/year in premium. It. Feels. Amazing. I never need to stress over getting harmed playing sports or getting a virus. So I can concentrate on the most proficient method to work better rather than how to take care of the insane tabs.

Firearms and Crimes

In NYC I generally watched my back and was too touchy to noisy clamours. Consistently I would hear news about how individuals got burglarized around my condo. It was not protected by any means, particularly after the episode occurred in lower west Manhattan. Be that as it may, in Canada, I don’t see weapons; I don’t hear news about firearm brutality; nor do I stress over my wellbeing anymore.

Furthermore, whoever is understanding this. As an outsider, I realize how troublesome it tends to be to carry on with an alternate life in another nation. Try not to be terrified, we were you, and we’ll be with you when you show up.

Just a few of the reasons people move to Canada. You should be next.

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