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Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa

Tourist visa offered by Saudi Arabia for the first time

Saudi Arabia tourist visa is been offered absolutely for the first time. The kingdom will open up to holidaymakers in an offer to reduce the economy’s dependence on oil.

Empowering the travel industry is a key part of the Vision 2030 activity of the Crown Prince Mohd. Bin Salman. The activity intends to plan Saudi Arabia’s economy moving ceaselessly from oil.

The declaration has come only two or three weeks subsequent to stunning assaults on the oil foundation of Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi Government trusts that 10% of the GDP will be contributed by the travel industry by 2030. It plans to pull in excess of 100 million local and remote vacationers by 2030.

Vacationers from 49 nations will have the option to apply for Tourist Visa on the web.

Ahmed Al-Khateeb likewise said that the kingdom will likewise facilitate the dress confinements on female voyagers. Female visitors will have the option to go out without the body-covering “Abaya robe”.

Ahmed Al-Khateeb, Tourism Chief, has said that opening Saudi Arabia’s ways to global vacationers has been an epic minute for the nation. He says that guests will be shocked by what Saudi Arabia brings to the table. The nation is home to 5 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and shocking normal excellence.

Saudi Arabia had before confined visas just for outside labourers and their wards. Muslim pioneers going to the sacred urban areas of Mecca and Madina are permitted to acquire visas.

Saudi Arabia had begun giving unique visas a year ago for extraordinary social and games to attempt to energize the travel industry. The kingdom, in any case, pursues an exacting social code and prohibits liquor.

The new Tourist Visa is various section and accompanies a yearly legitimacy. The greatest stay permitted on this Tourist Visa is 90 days and you must be 18 age or more to apply.

As detailed by Arab News, around 24,000 universal voyagers entered the kingdom inside the initial 10 days of the dispatch of the Tourist Visa.

Things to know ahead of a visit – Saudi Arabia tourist visa

In the event that you are making plans to exploit this dispatch, there are a few things you have to know before making the jump:


Liquor is restricted in Saudi Arabia and the deal, buy or utilization of it is a culpable offence.


Saudi Arabia is a protected nation. The appropriate response is Yes. In any case, as for some other nation, it is critical to be deferential of the neighbourhood traditions and standards. It is additionally astute to counsel tourism warnings before you plan your excursion.

Social Customs

Saudi local people are liberal and neighbourly. It is exceptionally basic for them to welcome guests to share a dinner or Arabic espresso. They may even broaden their accommodation by offering you nourishment or a little blessing. It is viewed as grossly inconsiderate when such offers are declined.

Open spaces

Such spaces are isolated and it isn’t astounding to discover separate doors and seating zones for people. Showcasing of love is a no no in the open.

Shoes & Slippers

When welcome to a Saudi home, consistently make sure to take off your shoes. You may keep them on just if your host grants.


Solicitation for authorization before you start shooting photos of local people. It is a culpable offence under the open set of principles.


Passing by the new guidelines, female travellers don’t have to wear the body-covering Abaya. In any case, it is exceptionally prescribed to dress unassumingly in broad daylight. You ought to abstain from wearing uncovering or tight-fitting garments out in the open.


You should design your schedule according to the supplication times which is 5 times each day. Eateries and stores close during supplication times and thus, preparing makes a difference.


Except if a lady broadens a handshake first, men should never offer a handshake to ladies in Saudi Arabia. Rather, simply place a hand on your heart and state “hello

Hope these tips regarding Saudi Arabia tourist visa are useful. Follow this page for more on this.

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