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South Africa Immigration

New visa alterations coming to South Africa

South Africa Immigration – South Africa is moving in the direction of acquainting a few changes with its visa rules. The new visa rules will help make the nation progressively open to financial specialists, guests and talented individuals who are urgent for the economy.

Dr. Aaron Motsoaledi, Minister of Home Affairs, said that the turnaround time for the Critical Skills Work Visa had been brought down. 88.5% of visa candidates get the visa inside about a month of applying.

98% of General Work Visas and Business Visas applications are handled inside about two months.

The Dept.of Home Affairs will dispatch another pilot scheme for giving e-Visas in November this year. Candidates would have the option to apply for the visas online as opposed to visiting the South African missions in various nations.

Visa administrations will likewise be situated inside the workplaces of various venture assistance bases on South Africa.

India and China top the list when it comes to migrating to South Africa and, the key markets for the travel industry for South Africa. The Department of Home Affairs intends to rearrange the visa rules for both these nations

South Africa in the Globe

The South African Govt. has likewise affirmed a visa-waiver for some nations:

Countries with South Africa visa waiver





Sao Tome

Saudi Arabia

New Zealand



The Dept. will likewise start exchanges with a few nations to permit travel without a visa to South African residents.

Nations like Ghana and Qatar as of now have a visa-on-appearance office in South Africa. It will be a special reward if South Africans likewise could make a trip without a visa to nations like New Zealand and the UAE.

Siya Qoza, a representative for the Dept., that South Africa is as of now in chats with the UAE and New Zealand for a sans visa system. The need is to mark the calendar to start sans visa travel for South Africans. Government will deal with correspondence on schedule.

Qoza said that so far the talks with these nations have been certain. The Dept. plans to stretch out the exchanges to different nations also.

The Govt. is wanting to start converses with a few nations which will profit South Africa through the travel industry and exchange.

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